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Volunteer with mispits


You want to help us! That's GREAT! 

Have you considered fostering? If you want to learn more about fostering with Mispits, please go HERE

Our greatest need is for fosters, but maybe, for whatever reason, fostering just isn't for you right now. That's ok! Everyone (dog and human) has a place in our rescue! We are always in need of volunteers! Volunteers are an integral part of our rescue and without them we could not succeed. 

Our volunteers help with 

  • Dog transport (pick up from shelters, to & from events, vet visits, etc)

  • Application processing

  • Supply pick ups

  • Event help (merch table, puppy wrangling, greeting, clean up, set up, etc)

  • Event planning

  • Home visits

  • Foster sitting

  • Grant writing

  • And so much more!

Freedom Ride

Getting all the love on the freedom ride!

Volunteer requirements

Kid Volunteers

Everyone in the family** can be involved with Mispits! 

Our volunteer requirements are that you want to help dogs in need and that, obviously, YOU LOVE DOGS (or are at least willing to be around them)!

People of all ages** can volunteer at the rescue.

**The only exception is puppy/dog wranglers at events. Wranglers must be over the age of 16, (if younger, children can assist in the puppy pens as long as they are supervised.) This is for the safety of both the child and the dogs.


What better way to spend your day than hanging out with all. the. dogs. at our events?


Puppy Pens: We have volunteers who man the puppy pens, cleaning up messes, collecting donations for snuggles, keeping water in the pans (Do you know how hard that can be with a bunch of puppies?) answering questions, keeping puppy names straight, and sometimes separating the puppies who have just had enough.

Dog Wranglers: These volunteers walk around with the older dogs during the events. They take the dogs on bathroom breaks, answer questions for possible adopters, give the dog some socialization, and watch the dog for signs that maybe he/she needs some down time. 

Greeters, Merchandise Sales,Set Up/Clean Up: Some of the most important jobs don't even directly involve the dogs. People are needed at all the events to just walk around and talk to people, give breaks to other volunteers, sell t-shirts and merchandise, set up before the event and clean up after. 


Dog wrangling and enjoying the event!


A group of our dedicated volunteers at a Derby Festival event.

"Day-to-Day" operations


As a Mispits volunteer you get all the doggy kisses you can ask for!

There are many moving parts involved in Rescue.


Adoption applications come in every day and those applications need to be processed and references checked and home visits need to be made.

When dogs come into our rescue, they have to be scheduled for vet appointments and spay/neuter appointments. They have to be given their vaccinations and micro-chipped. Those dogs need transport to and from the vet. Sometimes, due to the foster's schedule, a dog may need an overnight at someone's house the night before their appointment and then be taken to their appointment. We also need temporary homes when fosters go on vacation and can't take their foster dogs. 

We need people to help plan fundraisers and events. Also, we like to have sponsors for fundraisers and door prizes, and we are always in need of people to find those sponsors.

We need people to help secure funding through grants and the like. 

One of our goals for the rescue, in the future, is provide educational opportunities for schools and organizations, what we call "Puppy 101." Is that something you would like to do? Let us know!

Community groups

Are you part of a scout group or volunteer organization? Are you a troop leader looking for volunteer opportunities for your scouts? Are you part of a BETA club or Honor Society and need volunteer hours? Contact us. We have several things for groups of all ages to do. From organizing the supplies in our storage unit to bagging food for our dogs, we have volunteer activities for groups! 


A Girl Scout troop who volunteered and raised money for Mispits


There are so many ways to get involved with Mispits. Will you join us?

If you'd like to volunteer with Mispits and Friends Rescue, please fill out the form below!

If you have questions about volunteering or are part of a community group, please email us by clicking HERE.

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