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Tracy Korfhage President/Co-Founder

My name is Tracy and I am the President and Co-founder of Mispits and Friends Rescue.

I am a single mother of a now adult daughter (Kaylee). I am a full time RN at a local Emergency Room where I have been employed for 19 years. I have a passion for helping not only people but animals. I’ve always picked up strays and either returned them to their owner or provided a safe spot until a new home could be found. I started in organized Rescue by volunteering at the Kentucky Humane Society several years ago. This is where I discovered that “fostering” is a thing. I had no idea!

I started out fostering for Derby City Dog Rescue and quickly found my passion and love for it! I have since fostered around 200 dogs for various rescues.

My “specialty” is pregnant dogs, I have had many unwanted mommas come through my home as their safe haven to give birth and raise their babies. I also have a soft spot for momma dogs that have been bred over and over again. No more babies once they meet me...time to enjoy being a dog!

In my home I have 4 personal dogs, all adopted of course! Bosco is my Dutch Shepherd mix, he is 9 years old and a grumpy butt, adopted from KHS. He isn’t thrilled about fostering but his motto is “leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone” so it works out most times. Jocelyn is my 3 year old Chocolate pittie mix, my first foster failure. Then came Violet my blue brindle little girl who was born at my home and adopted out but returned 2 months later and became my second foster fail. Lastly came Esme who is a 1 year old multi bully breed mix (had her DNA tested because of her uniqueness). I was sent a picture of her at 4 weeks old and asked if I could foster...duh! I knew she wasn’t going anywhere...foster fail number three! For the most part my personal babies are very welcoming to my fosters and if not, we simply rotate and work it out!

Cassidey Disney Vice President/Co-Founder

Cassidey - MAFIA Vice President, Co-founder, Dog Mom and FULLTIME Voice for the Voiceless!

I was born and raised right here in the city of Louisville, “Lively Shivley” to be exact! I am finally — well currently — pursuing my bachelor’s degree at Spalding University. In the meantime, I work from home as a Compliance Audit Analyst for Humana Inc. I often joke that when my fiancée, Chelsea, graduates from pharmacy school, I will be able to retire as a stay-at-home dog mom. She always argues I already am, except I get paid. So I guess I lose that argument.

Since I was a child, I have had an extreme love and passion for animals. I used to bring home snakes, rabbits, cats, dogs, you name it. Whatever it was, it came through our front door! As a child my family, like so many, fell on hard times. Sometimes we were homeless, but my parents always made sure we ate first, and then our pets ate! I have a huge soft spot for homeless people and pets, but since pets do not have a voice, community outreach is big for me! Anything I can do for my community to make it a better place, I want to do!

I never realized the passion I really had for animals until we rescued our first pit bull, Callie, back in 2015. When our house is full of fosters, or we have to run to the shelter, I often joke with Callie that it’s all her fault! In return, she gives me lots of kisses and assures me we are doing the right thing! When I met my fiancé, Chelsea, and her weenie dog, Harley, in 2014, I realized quickly that I had finally met my match! Finally, someone who loves animals and loves rescuing animals just as much as I do.

Chelsea and I purchased our first home in April of 2015, but we quickly outgrew it as our FurFamily of two quickly increased to six! With six dogs, most would think our house is disarray and our lives are hectic, but it’s not. Chelsea quickly introduced me to dog training, and we thoroughly enjoy going! Seeing our dogs learn new things, work on manners, and come to be functioning dogs in society is what I have always dreamed of. We talk often of opening our own bar that allows dogs, but in the meantime we will just continue to visit them.

With pit bulls come the constant stigma and, of course, the uneducated folks. Growing up, my Granny had a pit bull named Poncho that loved everyone, but of course others thought differently. Now, having four of our own, we get lots of input, but we are here to be a voice for these voiceless, NOT-so-vicious animals. Advocating for them has become my life!

Through rescue and outreach, we met two awesome women who have the same crazy ideas, outlooks, and visions as we have. Chelsea and I always kicked the idea around of having our own rescue, but I never thought this dream would come true! Together, while sitting at lunch at Hooters one day, we came up with the name MisPits and Friends Rescue. The rest is history. I couldn’t have handpicked four more selfless people to partner with and start our very own rescue! Together we are ONE and without the support of our family, friends, followers, and supporters we couldn’t do this! THANK YOU!

Enough about me, lets talk about our awesome 6 Pack! We love supporting our local breweries, so it is only fitting we have a 6 pack, right?! ☺ Lily the Dane; she is 5. Betty White, the deaf all white pitty; she is a year old. Callie the blue hippo, our first rescued baby; she is three and unfortunately going blind due to progressive retinal atrophy. Harley the weenie; he is 10. Copper the red pitty; he is 2 and full of energy! And last but not least, Miss Piggy. She is 1 and full of energy as well! We also have a 2-year old Maine Coon, Sassy! She runs this house, believe it or not.

Marie Bray Treasurer/Co-Founder

Marie – MAFIA Treasurer, Co-founder, Dogmom and Catmom

I have lived in Kentucky my entire life. I am a Louisville native and currently reside in Taylorsville, KY. I am a graduate from the University of Louisville. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business administration with a focus in accounting. I am a full time sales and use tax specialist at YUM! Brands, a part-time independent pet sitter and a contractor for Paws Pet Care LLC.

Let’s be real though, my main reason for breathing is to help animals. My entire life, I have had passion when it came to animals but never realized how much until 2012. At one point, I was a single fur mom of one working my way through college. Then in 2012 I met my husband, Tim.

I enjoyed my little family but eventually we wanted to add another furry family member. When Tim and I heard about close friends of ours re-homing their pitbull we instantly stepped up and told them we would take her in. Little did I know, that 30 lb pitbull would completely transform my life. I instantly became an advocate for the breed, began volunteering at Louisville Metro Animal Services, started shadowing training classes at the Kentucky Humane Society and started volunteering/fostering with local rescues. Helping the voiceless became a part of my life on a daily basis. Since then, Tim and I have adopted 6 more furries. Our family consist of a chihuahua named Tank, a pitbull named Lexi, a pitbull/boxer named Jax, a Chihuahua named Lola, a pitbull named Junior, a pitbull named Haggard and two catDOGs named Ali and Frazier.

Through this journey I met 4 amazing women. We had similar vision and strong passion so together, we decided to join forces which gave birth to Mispits and Friends rescue.

Chelsea Grubbs Secretary/Co-Founder

Hi – My name is Chelsea and I am Co-Founder and secretary for MisPits and Friends Rescue!

I am currently in grad school, at Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and will graduate in May of 2019, with my doctorate degree. My fiancé and I have 6 dogs! I had Harley when we met, but since then we have rescued/adopted 5, in the past 4 years. We currently have a dachshund named Harley, a great dane named Lily, and 4 pit bulls; Callie, Copper, Betty White, and Miss Piggy. We also have 2 aquariums full of fish, a Maine Coon named Sassy, and a tri-pod bearded dragon, named Reptar!

In my free time, what little free time I have, my fiancé and I like to travel, hike, fish, kayak, hunt, camp, and visit our local breweries/restaurants in town that allow dogs. I love to take our dogs out, especially our pit bulls, as we feel they are ambassadors for the breed. We also love to learn new training styles and techniques. I am always ready to learn more and expand my knowledge. My friends joke often that I am a dog whisperer, but I just have patience and want to see everyone have a well-mannered dog, and enjoy their dog as much as we enjoy ours.

I have always found myself rescuing dogs since I was a young child. I would find them as strays, try to find their owners, and if I was unsuccessful, I would find them their new forever home. We have been heavily involved with rescue organizations here in the Louisville area for about 5 years now.

It has always been a dream of mine to form a rescue! When the idea was tossed around a few months back, I never would have thought it would have come true. Then when it came true, I never would have thought it would be this successful coming off the ground! Thanks to the other 4 amazing and self-less women, the support of our family, friends and followers, MisPits and Friends Rescue is up and running. I couldn’t ask for more! Enough about me, let’s go rescue some more dogs!

Thank you for supporting us! Without the support of our community, we couldn’t do what we love to do!

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