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The Mission of MisPits & Friends is to provide a temporary safe haven for all dogs:

All breeds, big and small, puppies and adults, fluffy and bald, differently-abled -- we help them all.

We aspire to bring people and dogs together.

Together, we create a family.


In December of 2017, five amazing women, dedicated to being a voice for the voiceless, set out to make a difference in the dog rescue world. They wanted to create a rescue that was a safe haven for all dogs, no matter the age, size, or breed. They wanted a rescue that was honest and transparent, focusing first and formost on the dogs they serve. With that idea in mind, MisPits and Friends was born. Since it's inception, MisPits has helped countless dogs find their happily ever after. 

Together, with their many volunteers, they are the MAFIA

(MisPits And Friends Inspiring Action)

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