Fostering saves lives and without fosters we would not be able to pull dogs in to our program! When you foster a dog, you provide temporary shelter and a safe haven until their new family comes along. MisPits and Friends will provide all care that is needed. All you need to do is open your home and provide love. If this is something you are interested in doing, please fill out the application below!


Birth Date*




How were you referred to us?*

Have you ever fostered or volunteered for another animal organization?*

If yes, please list the name of the organization and what you did to help. Are you still in good standing with said organization? If no, N/A.*

Do you rent or own?*

If you rent, please provide your landlord's name, telephone number and the best time to contact. If you own, N/A.*

How long are you able to foster a dog?*

Is there anyone in the house under the age of 18?*

If yes, please list their ages. If no, N/A.*

What age/gender dogs are you willing to foster?

Please select all that apply
  •  A Pregnant Foster would give birth at your house. Mom & litter would stay until the pups were 6 weeks old. The pups could either be given to other fosters in pairs or stay with you.

  • A hospice dogs would stay in your care till the end of their life. We would provide any medical treatment they would need.

If you selected other or have certain restrictions or limitations on a type of dog you could foster, please explain in detail below.*

Are you able to transport your foster dog to and from adoption events, vet appointments or any other event that is sponsored or approved by Mispits and Friends?*

Are all of your pets that you currently care for up to date on shots? If yes, please provider name, age, breed, species and Vet info for each so that we may contact to confirm. If no, please explain.*

Are all of your pets spayed/neutered? If no, please explain why.*

Have you ever fostered an animal before? If so with what organization? *

If you have fostered before, have you ever returned a foster dog to the organization before it was adopted? If so, please explain why.*

Some foster dogs may require more attention than others. What could you not handle in a foster dog?  Please be detailed.* (Example: Medical or Behavioral Issues)

If a foster dog required more than the normal training/socializing, what would you do to accommodate your foster dog? What methods of training would you seek? Would you be willing to take to training that is provided by MisPits and Friends if needed?*


Please list two references.



Years Known*



Years Known*

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